I is for Immigration

What Does Immigration look like to kids?

Kids' Thinking Visualized

What do kids think about issues that impact them...... at school, in the community, in their country and in their world?...... What can we learn by viewing their visual art? What are they telling us? From A Kids' Point of View © is an original project that offers a platform for kids to share images, ideas. and kid-thinking, through visual art. I is for IMMIGRATION offers perspectives from students in three countries.


This project was instigated by my 4th grade students at The  Brunswick School in Greenwich CT. The original title was called: From A Kids' Point of View: The ABC's of Misunderstanding.  My students envisioned a book to showcase the visual interpretations of current issues and terms associated with a single word A-Z (B= Bias or Brotherhood). The projected expanded when I complete my doctoral degree and then taught  undergraduate and graduate courses in four states (CT, NY, TX & AZ) and  with teachers in two countries. 

Would you like to collaborate with us? Would your organization like to sponsor art-as-discourse from a kids point of view?

Same word, different images

Kids' Unique Knowledge

Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (1990) reminds us that children’s rich cultural capital (subtleties of language, artistic preferences, unique knowledge bases and links to resources) accompanies them to school.  Dewey (1938) states, “ I assume that amid all uncertainties, there is one frame of reference: namely, the organic connection between education and personal experience,“(p. 25) 

There remains an unpredictable manner to how kids’ view their realities, experiences and discoveries. Notice the detail in this image below? 

What are kids thinking when they ponder issue-oriented terms:  Equality, Democracy, Immigration?